Allenby Apartments

In the early years of Noel Robinson's practice he was known as the "Spring Hill Architect", derived from the fact that his office and personal residence was located in Spring Hill, and that many of the iconic buildings in the area of Spring Hill were designed by him. The Allenby Apartments are no exception.

Construction 1983:

Fronting Boundary Street and stepwedging up Allenby Street, Spring Hill, are the “Allenby”, comprising seventeen, two storey, two bedroom townhouses and five shops. The site was ideally located to consolidate a small shopping centre with the existing retail facilities in Boundary Street.

To make way for a wide landscaped footpath, sheltered by a curved awning, the shops were set well back from the street. Townhouses were incorporated over the shops, a traditional form in many parts of Spring Hill.

Reminiscent of early terraces, the bedrooms of the two storeyed townhouses were designed into the lofts. Adaption to the climate was attained by pulling the roofs out past the lines of the bedrooms, thus permitting access to breezes and protected covering during the rainy season.

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