Sohar University, Sultanate of Oman

Noel Robinson Architects was commissioned to design the campus master plan as well as a series of inaugural buildings for the Sohar Univerity in Oman.

Noel Robinson Architects established a new office called Earc Muscat to deliver the projects.

The Sohar University master plan is based on the Jeffersonian planning principles. The campus master plan establishes and revolutionises the design for higher educational facilities in the Middle East.

The master plan catered for the design of 12 individual buildings within the 2 hectare campus.

The faculties included Business; Engineering and Humanities; Library and Administration; Graduation Hall; Lecture Theatre complex; extensions to Students’ Services and Cafeteria; Facilities Management; Physical Education and a sporting complex containing at 25 metre pool.

The master plan worked with some existing infrastructure already on the campus to provide a pattern of growth for the university's future expansion.

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