St Mary's Church, Tewantin

Noel was awarded a Regional Commendation by the RAIA for the design of St Mary’s Anglican Church, Tewantin in 1996.

The church was designed in response to an existing Noosa parish selling its site for a commercial use together with a large donation from a parishioner. This gave the parish the opportunity to replan a new facility which included a worship centre with cry room, a side chapel, a Sunday school, church offices, vestibule and full kitchen.

The planning configuration allows for many different arrangements. Large services are accommodated by moving vertical sliding glass walls. This permits the worship centre to expand into the breezeways in two directions. The bell tower accommodates an antique bell which was donated. The main worship centre is covered by a vaulted roof cut at 45 degrees which delivers light edges to the roof and a sculptural internal ceiling space which is lined with hoop pine plywood. The breezeways deploy a structural steel frame to support the curved colour bond roofs. Full length louvre ventilators draw cross breezes through the building giving excellent natural ventilation.

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